Michael’s Missions Testimony

In July 93, I dedicated myself to do whatever the Lord would have me to do. Shortly after that, I began to be extremely sensitive to the spiritual needs of the people all around me (I was stationed in Okinawa, Japan). The Lord used several people and events to help guide me. The most influential was Dan Gardner (BIMI missionary to Japan). It was while on a work trip to Kobe, Japan that I realized missionaries were just normal people. It was during this trip that the Lord really began to move my heart towards missions. In January 1994 I pleaded with God to show me what I should do with my life. During my devotions, God clearly showed me that I was to preach His word. Soon after being called to preach, I was sent to Thailand for a major military exercise. Southeast Asia was constantly on my mind as I was wondering exactly where the Lord would have me to go. While in my hotel on the 7th floor (I was doing my devotions from Acts 17) I was amazed at the parallel as I looked out of the window and saw the Thai city of Khorat wholly given over to idolatry. There were at least 10 and possibly more temples visible as I looked out over the city. The Lord showed me that like Paul on Mars hill I needed to go to Thailand to proclaim the “unknown god” whom they ignorantly worship. I saw the Thai people who were so religious and accepted “gods” from everywhere, but they had missed the only God that could do anything for them.