November 2019

Dear praying partners,                                                                                                     

Visas: Praise the Lord that Frances was able to get her visa and then got an extension with little difficulty. Unfortunately, we have to start our annual process again in January for our April renewal.

Ministry in Thailand: Mike continues to teach at the University. This ministry is an excellent open-door to reach both Thai students as well as faculty. We currently only have one student who is a member of the church, but we are praying that more will become interested. With the yearly incoming freshman class, there are always new people to reach. Frances is also teaching English to the wife of one of our Bible students. This is an excellent discipleship time in addition to teaching English. She is very faithful but still relatively young.

Mission Board: Since we have switched to a clearinghouse, you should be aware that any correspondence or packages should be sent to our field address at Box 47 Hang Dong Post, Chiang Mai 50230 Thailand, or to our home church: Grace Baptist Church, 2745 MLK Blvd. Panama City, FL 32405.

Church Anniversary: We celebrated the 15th anniversary of New Life Baptist Church with a family camp, followed by a revival. The camp was excellent. Dtom, our Bible student who will be graduating next year, took responsibility for the whole camp, from budgeting, planning, activities, etc. and did an excellent job with very little input. This is only one step in progressing to our goal of a local indigenous church. The camp highlight was the campfire testimony time. Many confessed sins, asked for prayer, and praised the Lord for His goodness. It was also exciting to see the daughter of one of our members get baptized. The revival meeting was three days. Attendance was sparse on Friday and Saturday, but there was a good turnout on Sunday night with 24 visitors. We really need prayer for wisdom in doing followup with the visitors.

Bible Institute: Mike continues to teach classes regularly. We will be ready for our next graduation in May (assuming everything goes as scheduled). We will have one graduate, Dtom. We are recording all of the classes and continue to place them online in an online learning environment. The process has been slow with a steep learning curve, but it seems we finally have a workable process. Last month, our first Bible student form another province contacted us about studying online. This is exciting as it is precisely what we hope to be able to accomplish; reaching Thai’s with a high-quality Bible education while they continue to serve in their local churches. As we get more courses finished, we will start to advertise them throughout the country via Facebook.

Prayer Requests. Salvation: A man in our church who continues to attend faithfully (father of the girl who got saved). Pray for Mike’s students and fellow teachers at University. Pray for followup with the guests that attended the revival services. Faithfulness: Pray for the Bible students to continue steadfast in their studies. Also, pray for a lady in our church getting married in December. Please also pray for wisdom and faithfulness while we serve the Lord. The longer we serve the Lord, the more we understand how weak we are. Thankfully the Lod is faithful and strengthens us.

May the Lord bless you richly as you continue to serve Him.

For Christ in Thailand,

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